Human Revolution Clothing

find your tribe

I'm a solitary individual.

I suppose - if someone were to ask me - that's how I'd describe myself.

I've always been like this...

Independent.  A little oppositional.  Unafraid of being alone.

For a few years, my life changed.  

It turned into a vast circus of people.  And we ran around in circles.

I'm not sure I really understood how it was changing me at the time, but essentially...  I spent almost five years without any sense of quiet or peace whatsoever.

And it actually altered my personality.

Fast forward to now, where I spend most of my time alone - again.

The good news is, I feel more like myself than I've ever felt.  

I have an accepting and encouraging - and surprisingly widespread - tribe of women behind me, and they really are magical humans. 

This brings me to Human Revolution Clothing - a business owned and operated by the joyful and fearless Lauren.  I met Lauren on Instagram

We have some "real life" friends in common, but like any Instagram friendship, we started following each other, liking each others' posts and supporting each other from our own personal corners of the planet. 

Lauren lives and works in Hawaii - which I am insanely jealous of. 

A few months ago, she reached out and asked me if she could send me a t-shirt.  She was on a new journey with her business and about to venture to India, where a lot of her clothing is made.  

Of course, I wholeheartedly squealed with excitement. 

be open to the world

Why do I love Lauren so much?

She is the very definition of acceptance.


She is the very definition of doing what you love.  Of jumping into what you feel passionate about.  And of being open to the world.

In a time when we're all in agreement that the world needs more love and understanding, Lauren is taking measurable action on that very task.

Human Revolution Clothing is an eco-clothing brand with a message.  

It's a company determined to make the textile and garment industries cleaner, greener and more conscious.  But beyond that, Lauren herself embodies such an authentic version of non-judgement and tolerance, it makes the often controversial subject of conscious living an approachable and digestible topic for people like me.

People who are relatively new to the journey - and also a bit skeptical.


I've always felt like there was too much material in the world, in general.  It's one of the reasons I'm so supportive and passionate about thrift shopping.

Lauren's genuine approach inspired me to learn more, without the weight of feeling obligated or instructed or pressured to do so.

be the change

So Lauren sent me a t-shirt.  And I loved it right away.

It's beyond comfortable and pairs well with virtually everything.  It's also true to size, and doesn't fall apart in the wash - so there are a lot of pluses!

I'm a sucker for inspirational messages, as I know a lot of you are. 

My t-shirt said Be The Change.

And for me, it signified a movement through quiet action, rather than loud instigation.

I wear it when I want to remind myself of my own personal purpose.


Lauren taught me that I don't have to force people to hear my message.

That by quietly embodying my purpose, and by passionately living my dream, my message will spread organically and I'll be able to tell my story.

Without the weight of fear or coercion.

un-glossied sisterhood

I never had to impress Lauren.

I didn't have to speak her language, or look like her, or dress like her - just to get her attention.  We're decidedly different humans.  And yet, we click because we embrace our differences.

I don't have to like all of her Instagram posts to remain of value to her.

She gets busy.  I get busy.

Sometimes, we're two ships in the night.

But the amount we support each other remains the same.

Lauren is steadfast and drama-free.  

She is focused on what feeds her.  Hell-bent on making a positive impact on the world. 

And it shows up in everything she does!

She's not threatened by other women.  She doesn't feel reduced when another woman succeeds.  She champions people.  She encourages people. 

And she seems to understand - deeply - that every little bit counts.

To be honest, she probably isn't really expecting this post.  But regardless, it's here.  

Because she deserves it.

The next time you venture onto the internet to buy some t-shirts, check out Human Revolution Clothing.

And know that when you support Lauren, you're not only supporting a company with a valuable and decidedly refreshing purpose, you're also supporting true un-glossied sisterhood.  

And that's the best kind there is.