Getting Honest With Joe Fresh


Last goodbyes

The end of summer is always a little bittersweet.  

On one hand, you have the romantic pull of new beginnings which are right around the corner.  You have the possibility of pure growth and the idea that you’re stepping into uncharted territory.  

I like change, so I always tend to welcome it with open arms.  

On the other hand though, you have this sinking feeling of resignation - a gentle reminder that nothing lasts forever.  

Those beautiful bright days...

They fade

Every summer eventually comes to an end. 


My big realization

I have been on somewhat of a personal journey as of late, and am just now starting to feel comfortable enough to write about it.  So, bear with me while I dissect my experiences on this platform for the next few months.  

I recently realized I am a summer human.  

What does that mean? 

It means summers feed me.  

They feed my soul and they restore my energy and they fill me up with the stuff of life.  

They have always been my opportunity to heal.  

My escape to be creative and free.  

That big blue sky becomes clear as day and summers allow me to breathe it all in.  


Let's slow it down

I’ve spent the last few summers entrenched in a sort of madness.   

I would move from one weekend to the next, and one wedding to the next, without ever really reflecting on a single event - only to be totally exhausted and depleted at the end of it.  

Don’t get me wrong, wedding season is a wonderful madness.  

It is filled to the brim with a whole lot of love and amazing people, but it can also be quite taxing.  

This season, I vowed to change my pace. 


Change is a good thing

If I have learned one thing in my career - or in life, for that matter - it's that change is the only constant.

If nothing else, count on change. 


I am the kind of girl who loves to give in all the right places, and getting clear about my boundaries was not only a fresh approach for me, it was also exactly what I needed to be great at what I do.  

I think you have to ask yourself...

What do you want your life to be?

And do it often.  

I’ve always loved being in control.  I like to have power over my outcomes.

And I really believe that life is what you make it.  

Somewhere along the line though, I stopped taking stock.  


And what I eventually discovered that life was running me.    


An evolution of sorts

I really enjoyed being the owner of ma-luxe studios inc. but I have come to realize - finally - that I can’t do it all.  

It took me some time, but I got there!  

Looking back, I think I spent a considerable amount of time feeling torn between missions.  

Pulled in different directions.  

The ladies of my generation, we’re really good at a lot of things.  

My best friend B and I always talk about this because she is phenomenally talented at pretty much everything you can think of.  Ask her to do it, and she’ll dominate.  

I started to wonder whether my talents were holding me back and creating a chaos that might be getting in the way and in the end, all I found myself craving was structure, calm and focus.  


My big lesson

My logical solution was to focus only on those projects that are a good fit. 

And by good fit, I mean not only for the company but also for me.  

This might sound ridiculous and maybe even a little egotistical, but I know I am talented.  I’m confident in my abilities, I’ve learned a lot and I know I am an asset to my clients.  

Here is what I’ve also learned... 

That's all well and good, but none of it matters if I am not a good fit.  


Don’t kick a dead horse. 


The best policy

I spent the summer exploring new territory.  

Breathing fresh air. 

And it was the best summer I’ve had in a very long time.  

I started being creative again.  

And by that I mean, my focus became about creating energy, rather than simply conserving my reserves.  

I rediscovered my confidence in ways that surprised me.  

I actually relaxed.

I enjoyed great company.  Met new friends.  Laughed a lot.    

The last five years have been a whirlwind of things.  


They’ve been an intense combo of fearless dreaming and regulated, disciplined hard-work.

And yes, it was all fucking amazing.   

But like Danielle Laporte continues to preach, I’m done with striving. 


My new motto

There was a time in my life when I’d proudly tell you I was willing and able to do the hard thing. 

I’m not scared of being unpopular and I’m definitely not afraid of hard.  


While I am in complete agreement that there is a time and a place for strong-willed, glory and guts... 

If it doesn't feel good, ladies... Then just don't.