TESTING /// 1.2.3.

Is anybody out there?!  I'm nothing without you.

I mean, I'm me.  I'm the girl who started blogging and taking photos of beauty products regardless of whether anyone was watching...  I guess I'm something without you.

In the end though, this platform evolved for you.  Why in the world would I focus entirely on me?

Integrity is scarce these days, guys.  In this industry - the influencer industry - it's getting more and more rare.  But here's what most people don't really consider - and what I truly believe with all my heart.


In general, we should avoid downgrading the desires of others.  That kind of behaviour just shitty!  It's the kind of energy you don't want rummaging around in your life.

I believe every influencer begins their journey online because they genuinely want to make a mark on the world.  Of course, not every blogger is going to consider wether or not they are making a perceived selfish or inauthentic mark on their community.

We're not all flawless and perfectly self-aware.

What I do know is that the influencer industry is difficult to navigate.  There aren't any unions or membership programs or trade organizations to keep people in line.

It takes time and practice and whole lot of failure to figure out how you want to run your personal brand.  

I went ahead and made my own rules.  It's kinda my thing - after all.