The Problem With Easy


My simply existence

I’ve been feeling growth in the most honest of ways.  

I am continually reminded these days, of how easily my train skipped the track.  It hovered above the ground for a split-second and the sheer force and weight of my life flung it to the side of the railway.  

Of course, I had the best intentions and I don’t regret a single thing.  

You might be giggling to yourself right now.

The fact that I am currently writing about my state of being is pretty self-indulgent.  

I need to be humble, after all.  

But - and I’ll say this with passion and with intensity - I want to help people!   


And yet, that is not to say what I’m trying to do is easy.  

With my goals and aspirations in mind, I have to open myself up to an audience that could very well decide to shut me out completely and leave me dangling on the edge of vulnerability.  

It means putting myself out there in ways I’ve never done before.  

It means getting uncomfortable. 

It means staying consistent.  Staying constant.  Constantly creating.  

And I sometimes wonder if I am inspired enough to do this...  To keep pushing forward in a way that feels real.  

Because its not enough to turn on auto-pilot and hope for the best.  

Do I have enough in me to keep going? 


So naturally...

This all got me thinking about easy.  

Because I’ve heard the word a lot lately.  I’ve read about it a lot lately, too.  

I’m in my regular crazy state of ingesting as much information as possible - and given that my life has opened up -so have I.  Along with that comes a lot of advice.  

I’ve listened to experts on podcasts, read blogs and books - most of which are going to end up on my upcoming reading list, so stay tuned for that - and engaged in long, intense discussions with my own network of coaches and supporters. Through all of that, I’ve noticed a trend.    

This trend is especially present in female-focused businesses or creative coaching...  

We tend to throw the word EASY around like it’s going out of style.  

And it’s slowly starting to drive me nuts! 


Easy is not the answer

Mark these words, ladies.

If you're starting or running your own business, you are going to face challenges.  

There is no easy way around it.

Building a profitable business is hard.  Building a successful empire is even harder.


Pay close attention to my focus on the word profitable.

It will require an obscene amount of time and effort.

It will mean you have to sacrifice certain things you really love or need or just plain want.  

You know... That new tinted moisturizer from that latest it makeup company will look amazing and you’ll want to buy it but you’ll exercise restraint because you need to pay your bills next month. 

You won’t always know your creative process enough to trust it.  

And yet, you’ll have no choice but to move forward and trust it anyway. 

You'll have moments of self-doubt and displeasure.   

Discouragement from other people. The people you love.  The people you depend on.

You’re also going to experience really childish, immature discouragement from people who really want you to fail. Not because you deserve to fail - because you certainly don’t - but because those people are just bad people.  

And then you’re going to need to decide to depend on yourself and that’s going to feel lonely for a while. 

Somewhere along the line, it's going to take some money too.

I could go on and on and on and on and on...  

You'r going to feel like you're in over your head.

  You’re going to wonder if you are creative enough.  Resourceful enough.  Gutsy enough.  


And then you’re going to turn around and wonder if you’re being too strong or too gutsy.

You’re going to have to decide what matters to you.  

What is important?  Where do you want to spend your time? 

How much of yourself can you afford to give away without falling apart?

Because if you let them, the people around you will take.  And you’re going to have to find the courage to make sure you take enough to survive and thrive too. 

You’re going to wonder - for the love of all things holy - why you can’t let your dream it go.  

And none of that is going to be easy.

The other side of easy

Our generation is desperately trying to find balance.  I’ve come to recognize that balance simply doesn’t exist.  

The more I try to create a life of balance, the more I feel like I’m swimming in chaos. 

There is this notion that when you find your calling, everything should feel easy.  And yet, a sense of purpose is not gentle.  It does not inhabit a space of effortlessness.  

A sense of purpose requires a certain amount of force.  

It requires the pulse of energy - both positive and negative.

And above all, purpose requires action.  

I think we got the words mixed up. 

I’ve been privy to a plethora of lessons in finding your passion, being in your element, and creating authenticity.  


Those lessons are important aspects of starting and running a successful and profitable business.  

In other words... 

It’s not going to be easy but it should always feel good. 

Easy is a really bad word to use when describing how running a business should feel.  

You know the saying...

If it was easy, everyone would do it.  

Having said that, I certainly don’t want to imply that it’s always going to be hard.  

Without a doubt, I can tell you that it should feel good. 


This is where your instincts come in.  You’re going to need to learn to trust them.  

I firmly believe that when push comes to shove - and it will - the only thing left standing will be your gut.  

It is your strongest measure, an indestructible compass, and your greatest asset.  

You will come to depend on your intuition over and over again. 

When you discover your why and your hell yes, your gut will be that warm feeling pushing you in the right direction.  When you discover your hard no, your gut will be the big wall standing in your way.

When it really means something, when you’re really in your element, you won’t be able to hesitate.  

And that is the ease that successful people talk about.  

My goal here is to inspire you.

And because of that, I would feel irresponsible if I told you that you should search and hold on to easy.  

Instead, focus on what feels good.

By all means, enjoy the easy parts.  Icing on the cake, right? 

The truth is this...

If you really want this dream, get ready to handle what’s hard.  


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