Overcome Creative Overwhelm


A pretty big subject

We have tricky brains.  

Complex.  Convoluted.  And sometimes confusing.


It can be frustrating at times, to understand how we feel or what we're really thinking.

As it turns out, the more we think about things, the deeper we fall down the rabbit hole. 

Here's my take on it though...

The rabbit hole can be a magical place.

For me, that place of indecision and confusion has always been a catalyst for something better.  

In the moment, I may not understand it, but the rabbit hole always leads to change.  

And when it comes to any creative endeavour, change is paramount.

We must evolve to feel fulfilled. 

Let me put it this way...

Imagine writing the exact same article every single day.

Imagine taking the exact same photo of the exact same subject every single day.  Imagine planning the same wedding over and over again, or having the same meeting with clients day in and day out.  

I don’t know about you, but I'd want to shoot myself in the face!

In order for our work to feel rewarding, we must be growing and building on the previous.


Start taking notes

Sometimes, we forget things. 

We have all of these ideas, but we just leave them hanging.

They become fleeting concepts.  They leave our brains only to never be seen again.

And that's really sad.  

Because your ideas are awesome! 

No one is ever going to execute your ideas quite like you will. 


The next time you have an idea, write it down. 

Making notes - as rough and haphazard as they tend to be - is one of the best ways to honour yourself.  

You don't necessarily have to execute them right away - or ever for that matter - but it is important to think of your ideas as little gems.

They are part of your magic and deserve to be treated with respect. 

It takes a while to make this process a habit.


When you finally do start taking notes from yourself, neat things are going to happen.  

You'll notice important themes and patterns to your ideas. 

You'll realize you've been writing down some pretty big dreams - and maybe that means you're thinking too small.  You might be a writer who keeps thinking about crazy photography ideas - and maybe that means it’s time to expand your arsenal of skills.  

You might have a full-time job in a traditional industry and all you can think about is blogging.

Your intuition will perk up, taking notice of your thoughts.

And you'll begin to feel more aware of your desires.


Action is the key

Feeling stuck sucks, but it's your fault. 


It's true.

I believe that the word motivation is a dangerous thing.

First of all, it's an easy excuse for people to use when they aren't checking in with themselves.  

They'll tell you they don't feel motivated to work or complete a task - like you're just supposed to stop everything and wait for them to find their muse.  

Real life doesn't work that way.

It's also very fleeting.

I don't trust motivation, because there are so many factors associated with it. 

Instead of focusing on whether or not I'm feeling motivated on any particular day, I concentrate on building discipline.


Motivation can help build magic, but it's so up and down and sideways at times, leaving little room for consistent progress.

For me, the secret to moving forward is in taking action.

Here's my advice...

Stop waiting for your muse.  Stop waiting to feel motivated.

Success is not a gift. 

It takes really hard work and consistent action to make big things happen.

Come to think of it...

Just throw the word motivation out of your vocabulary entirely. 

And focus instead of creating good habits.

I like to call them daily disciplines.

If you're struggling with writers block, start writing every morning.  If you have to literally write down how you poured your coffee or what time you went to the bathroom, do that.


Part of feeling stuck is that you've literally stuck yourself in a box.  And it's important to become aware of your own tendency to build walls.

Because we all do it.


Discomfort is your way out

So you're stuck in the box of analysis paralysis.

It's a dark box.  Filled with doubt and fear and indecision.


Here's a secret though... You don't have to do anything big right now.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

We've become very results driven and there's little appreciation for the story or the process of anything these days.  When we have a dream - like starting a blog or building a beauty empire - we picture our final achievements and recognitions.

We forget to focus on the process of creation itself.

If there's anything I've learned in my career, it's that we don't know where our process is going to take us.  And instead of feeling stressed out about that, I'm trying to embrace it.

The key to getting unstuck is getting uncomfortable.


Get curious.

Try something new.  Get out and meet new people.

Let your process guide you to new ideas.

If you're a photographer - pick up video.  Test it out.  Try it.  If you're a singer - pick up a new instrument or join a band.

Amazing things happen when we make ourselves uncomfortable.


You don't have to change the world or make a million dollars or move mountains.

You just have to change your view.

The smallest pieces of something new can have a massive impact on your ability to get unstuck.

In the end, your dreams are yours.

We don't want our dreams to happen overnight.  I mean...  What in the world would we do with the rest of our time on this planet if they did?

The next time you sit down to create something, don't focus on who's going to see it.  Don't focus on how many likes it's going to get or whether it's going to catapult you to infinite success.


Just enjoy it.  Focus on the joy of of your process.

And do it every day.