Zorah Biorganics Skincare - Structure Serum

my love for zorah

I feel a lot of gratitude for what I do.

I feel lucky to be able to build such strong relationships with so many wonderful companies.

And I can’t help but think sometimes...

I would have probably never known about any of them had I not started blogging.


Instagram has really opened up my world.  

It’s changed the way I connect with my followers and with brands, and I’m thrilled to be able to work and collaborate with such fantastic people on a regular basis.

Zorah Biorganic is no exception.

I’ve been obsessed with this Canadian skincare company for well over a year now. 

I first discovered their products at Lifestyles Market in Victoria, BC - a health and wellness store with a well-stocked natural skincare and clean beauty department.  

The first product I tried was the Zorah Biorganic BBB cream.  Stay tuned for a full review on this product.

It is easily my favourite clean beauty tinted moisturizer to this day.

I tend to run out of very few products.

I am much more likely to purchase something new before hitting the bottom of a beauty container, and I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing.  


I do try to stick to a product for at least three weeks before making any kind of real decision about whether or not it works, and I went through my first bottle of Zorah's BBB cream in three months flat.

It is THAT good.


I’m wearing the BBB cream in this photos.

When Zorah Biorganic contacted me to review some of their products, it was because they’d noticed I was already promoting them a lot and wanted to thank me - which I thought was really genuine and kind. 

You can imagine how excited I was when I received the email.


Zorah ended up sending me almost every product in their entire line.

I was shocked when I received the package!

This meant I had to try and test every product thoroughly - so it took some time.

When it comes to Zorah’s line - a lot like my article on Lalogy - the products are very focused on anti-aging.

This is a high performance skincare line built on the foundation of getting results.  They consult and work very closely with biochemists to make sure they are getting their formulations right, and they have the research and professional expertise to back up their products.  

Zorah places a big concentration on treating various skin disorders and ailments, which I love.  They have many products designed to calm irritated skin, treat rosacea and help heal infections. 

This is a fabulous line for the Canadian climate.

They are most well known for their number one ingredient.


It comes in two sizes and is absolutely incredible.  They also have a cooking oil that I’m really excited to try.

Zorah uses argan oil as the main ingredient in all of their product formulations.

Next to the BBB cream, it is the only other product I’ve run out of in the last six months.

behind the brand

Zorah Biorganic is a french company based out of Montreal, Quebec.

It goes without saying - because the products are so effective - but Zorah is an organic, clean beauty company with a connection to Morocco, where they source their precious oils.

It all happened when a Canadian volunteer named Malissa Harvey discovered a cooperative of Berber women in Morocco who were growing and exporting their own argan oil. 

Melissa decided to bring that oil back to Canada, and founded Zorah Biorganic from there.

You can read all about Melissa’s story in detail here.

Zorah’s mission is to offer high-quality cosmetic products equal or superior to those already on the market.  They want to create products made with organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade ingredients.

One of the things I love most about Zorah...

Not only do they list each ingredient under each product on their website, but they also tell you the role that each ingredient plays in the formulation of that product.  They tell you how much of the ingredient is in the product, and if possible, they tell you where they sourced it from.

I think this speaks of their dedication to promoting quality and transparency. 

As someone who suffers from reactive skin and regularly reacts to all categories of beauty - especially high levels of certain ingredients found in natural cosmetics - I really value and appreciate this aspect. 


Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s neutral to your skin.

 I absolutely cannot stress this enough...

It’s really important to use products that are super effective.  Yes.  However, it’s also really important to use products that are well balanced and complimentary to your skin type. 

Zorah provides more information and more resources on the formation, quality and performance of their products than any other company I’ve worked with.

the best structure

This leads me to STRUCTURE

Zorah’s STRUCTURE serum is by far my favourite evening treatment product right now.

It plays an important role in my night-time skincare ritual.

I used to suffer from intense skin infections on a regular basis.  It had a lot to do with my lifestyle at the time, and the amount of stress I was tolerating on the daily.  It also had a lot to do with the fact that I drank wine almost every single night and had a really terrible diet.

Since making some big changes, my skin has been infection-free for a long while now...


I recently suffered from a big skin infection due to flying and severely dehydrating my skin, struggling with my diet while I was travelling, and being a really cold climate.

My skin just kind of freaked out.

STRUCTURE is ultra-healing and definitely played a huge role is how fast it took my infection to heal.

The first time I used this serum, my skin appeared less red and fuller over night.  

I was actually so shocked, I ran into the bedroom to show my husband. 

He thinks I’m nuts, by the way. 

This serum stimulates the proper functioning of fibroblasts.  In case you’re wondering, a fibroblast is a type cell  that stimulates the production of collagen and promotes the regeneration of your skin.  

This kind of cell also plays a critical role in healing wounds.

Lately - because of my recent skin infection - I’ve been using this serum every night.  I always notice that when I use this serum, any irritation I have is quickly relieved.

Over time, you can reduce the use of this serum to every few nights because it’s so effective.

 It is super hydrating and very calming as well, so it’s the perfect treatment product for someone who might be suffering from rosacea or general dermatitis.

The consistency of this serum is very unique. 

It looks and behaves almost exactly like water - and a lot like hyaluronic acid. 


It is far more complex.

In total, there are nine ingredients in this product. 

You can see them listed here.

I’ve never used a serum that has created such a huge change in my skin so quickly. 

It is light on the skin, and most effective when used between your cleanser and your moisturizer.

As a general rule, you should always treat before applying your moisturizer, not after. 

This serum is also vegan and gluten-free.

I really really love it, and the way things are going, I am going to make it the third Zorah product I’ve run out of  - which is rare and kind of awesome.

the best part

Zorah Biorganic has offered all of my followers a unique code for purchase! 


Simply use this code at checkout to receive 15% off your Zorah Biorganic purchase.

This code is not valid on the Christmas sets and expires on December 31st, 2016.

Zorah just recently released a new line of lipsticks and concealers - which I am really excited to try!

Until then, any of their products make for great gifts.  

Not to pressure you, but the holiday season is right around the corner!  I will be doing a Zorah GIVEAWAY shortly and including this amazing brand in my upcoming gift guide - so stay tuned for that.