The Takesumi Detox

I think it’s pretty safe to officially call it a trend.

We’re using it to brush and whiten our teeth.  We’re using it in face masks and skincare products. 

We’re even drinking it to help rid our digestive systems of harmful toxins. 

It’s quickly become an online wonder, in many ways.

And I think it’s charred black colour is mostly to credit.  Because it’s kind of shocking to think something so elementary and rough can be so good for you.

I’ve been working with Kaia Naturals for several months now.  

They originally sent me their Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths for review - and in my opinion - those cleansing cloths are still the best clean option on the market.  When you have some time, make sure to click on the above link and read my thoughts on the matter.

After I completed my original article, the lovely team over at Kaia Naturals let me in on a little secret.  They told me they were in the final stages of developing a new deodorant that would change the natural deodorant game!  And with their sheer excitement as evidence, I believed them.

Fast forward several months to now, and I’m reaping the health benefits of their hard work.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons I love working with niche beauty brands so much.  As a content creator, I often have the privilege of witnessing the behind the scenes world when it comes to product and marketing development, and it’s such a rewarding process.

I’m really proud of Kaia Naturals.

If creating a beautiful product was their goal, they’ve definitely succeeded.

As a beauty blogger, one of my ultimate tasks is to weigh the beauty of a product against it’s overall effectiveness, and when it comes down to whether or not this natural deodorant actually works, Kaia Naturals shattered the ceiling of my expectations. 

This deodorant is not just the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. 

It’s just the best deodorant.


And this is where I get really, really excited.

Because I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a long time... And as a beauty professional who hasn't yet felt compelled or convinced to make the 100% switch to clean beauty, my big wish for both niche beauty brands and clean beauty brands is that they compete.

Obviously, this is a much larger conversation...  I believe the secret to making a massive - and I mean globally big - impact with the clean beauty revolution is to simply and effectively compete.

No politics.  No narrating the problems.

Just compete.

Compete with your branding and content creation, your marketing campaigns, your online influencer programs, your support of professional makeup artists, aestheticians and professional spas, your commitment to creatives, your packaging and product development...

Complete with your overall interest in and support of the beauty industry as a whole. 

In my opinion, Kaia Naturals is very aware of their position in the market.  As a business, they're keenly identifying the specific needs of their customers, and providing them with worthy options.

And like I always say... That’s fucking rad.


I received the cold-pressed rose version of this deodorant.

And I kid you not, it is the most beautiful smelling underarm product I’ve ever used.  


It came with a nifty little travel version and an instructions manual - which I really love - because it’s just one more way Kaia Naturals is not only caring for but also educating their customers. 

I quickly gave my travel version to a good friend of mine.  Mostly because I wanted to spread the word about the beauty of this product as quickly as possible!

This deodorant is made up of bamboo charcoal - a time-honoured Japanese secret for oder control and detoxification.  The activated bamboo charcoal behaves like a magnet.  It gently attracts and pulls toxins from the body - helping to fight against the build up of order causing bacteria.

This product is vegan, cruelty-free and 99% natural.

It is also aluminum free.

I started using it almost immediately and wanted to go through the entire 30 day detox program before writing and promoting my opinion, and then I got busy with travel.  I’ve been using this product for about two months now, and it’s just amazing.

Kaia Naturals does warn that a typical detox experience will take approximately four weeks.  

This means, you might experience an increase in sweat and oder, because the activated charcoal is literally pulling that stuff from your body.  I was using natural deodorant beforehand, so I’m not sure I felt the influx that some people describe.

However, you can read all about the various detox stages here.  

And of course, just be aware that it does happen.  The general rule of thumb is - don’t stop using this product or make any kind of real decision about it until after four weeks. 



Kaia Naturals is always such a pleasure to work with.  

I’m forever grateful that they have allowed me to be part of their influencer team.

As I’ve said before, the right relationships are so important.

And I get to provide you with a shopping code for your next purchase! 


Simply click on the above code bar or use my code at checkout and you’ll receive 15% off your entire purchase.  And while you’re at it, make sure to pick up those Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths too. 

Because they’re epic.