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the beauty of beauty oils

It's safe to say I'm totally obsessed with beauty oils.  

I can't stress this enough.  

My skin is sensitive.  Reactive.  And perpetually dry.  

When I first discovered that beauty oils existed, I was curious because as you might have guessed, I am essentially curious about everything in the beauty industry. 

I was also terribly afraid to try them. 

I knew all the facts... 

I knew about moisture barriers and the importance of the dermis layer and like attracting like.  


I think more than anything, I was afraid of beauty oils because I am a long sufferer of an unpredictable case of inflammatory acne.  I was afraid as a consumer and I didn't want to make things worse. 

So naturally, I spent a few years ignoring beauty oils.  

I continued to strip my skin with harsh products and chemicals - hoping for a better result.  One night, I got so desperate with my skin, I literally slathered my entire face and chest with organic coconut oil.  

And I suppose that's when I realized there was no turning back. 


face your beauty oil fears

The word - oil - is scary.  

For many women, oil is widely misinterpreted as THE culprit to bad skin - a thick, dirty substance that blocks pores and causes break-outs.

We talk about skin types in the beauty industry.  We tend to classify our skin generally.  We liken oily and combination skin to the production of acne and no-good shine.  

A glow is okay but shine is bad news!

But - and there is a big but - if you are like many women - which you are - there are other factors playing a key role in the overall condition of your skin.    

I know what that's like.  

When my skin breaks out or reacts negatively to something - and it could be anything from what I eat to the time in my monthly cycle - all I want to do is wash the irritation away.  

I used to turn to harsh detergents and facial soaps, hoping I would wake up the next morning and the entire reactive mess would be gone.  But those soaps only made things worse.  

There was very little healing involved. 

charlie & co - small-match botanical oils from australia

experience and research

Did you know that sales of beauty oils have more than tripled in the past five years?  

That's saying something. 

I started making my own beauty oils...  I would spend Sunday afternoons researching and mixing up a storm.  I found it very calming and a great way to ritualize self-care.

It was an enjoyable hobby and I saw huge changes in the overall condition of my skin - especially when I introduced essential oils into my mixtures.  As my research expanded, I started to become more interested in rare botanical oils and I also started ordering oils online. 

I learned that the condition of the oil is hugely important and how you preserve your oils can have a great effect on their overall quality and potency. 

I just wanted to know more and I'm still learning.

Since then, my skin is a totally different beast.  I know this is easy to say online but I'm serious.  

It's actually quite incredible. 


let's calm it all down

So here's what happened... 

Beauty oils helped me introduce real healing into my skincare routine.

Not only can using a beauty oil help to regulate our skin's overall oil production levels, it can also calm irritation and aid in repairing stress and damage.  And what I realized was, I was causing my skin a lot of damage. 


Our skin secretes oil on a minute to minute basis.  

When we become stressed or introduce different forms of stress into our daily lives - this could be anything from the pollution in city air to drinking too much wine - our body reacts accordingly.

We all know that our bodies produce cortisol -which stems from the adrenal glands and increases oil production - when we get stressed out.  Of course, it's not always a bad thing.  Sometimes, we need a stress response in our lives to protect us from things like sickness and disease.  However, cortisol also inhibits the healing process of irritation and often decreases the production of collagen.


Did you know that cortisol is also produced when our blood sugar levels get too low?  

Let's talk about your natural oils for a minute. 

These oils - combined with our bodies' water levels - are part of our natural, chemical makeup and help to create our moisture barrier.  When we continually stress our skin out, we deplete our hydration levels, increase our immune response and in turn, slow the healing of any irritation that might occur as a result.

As with many things in this world, your body has taken it upon itself to protect you.  

And it does a pretty good job naturally.  

My body was freaking out all the time, and it was showing up in my skin.

Beauty oils helped me calm things down.


The same goes for your hair.  

As a hairstylist, I used to have this conversation with my clients all the time.  

Over and over again.

If you want your hair to be less oily, wash it less often.  I know, I know.  It seems impossible.  

But trust me, it works! 

It is important to remember that not every oil is created equal. 

Some oils are heavier than others, and each oil can have specific effects on different people, so it is important to do your research and - when in doubt - always perform a patch test.  

I'll be covering more in future posts, too.  So stay tuned. 

Trial and error has been a big practice for me in my own skincare regimen.  It sounds ridiculous but sometimes, you just have to test things out and see how they work for you.  

You have to become your own expert.

charlie & co - skincare with love - MADE IN AUSTRALIA

skincare with love

This brings me to my latest review.  

I recently had the pleasure of testing two botanical beauty oils by Charlie & Co - Lorna and Carol.  

I can't stop using them.  Seriously.  They are incredible.  

I'm actually really disappointed that I've started to run out.  Oh well, I will just have to order more.

Charlie and Co. is a little company based out of Australia - founded by Allison Taylor.  She is currently in the process of creating her website and e-store, and when you receive her products, you get the sense that she is living her dream one step at a time - which I love!

I also love her tag line - Skincare with love.  

The thing about these botanical beauty oils that immediately affected me was their unique, floral scents.  I was just so taken aback in the most positive way by the smell of these products.  

Allison sent me a wonderful care package packed to the brim with instructions and information about her products, which was really helpful. 

Since receiving them, I've used them every single day.  

In recent months, I've struggled with skin allergies.  I find myself relatively sensitive to pollen in the spring season and it affects my skin negatively.

These oils have calmed and lessened the irritation. 

They've also greatly helped with scarring and discolouration of old infections.


i love lorna


I think one of the hardest things for me - being a woman in her early thirties - has been finding the right balance between anti-aging skincare and acne-fighting skincare.

I'm thirty-two years old and I am skincare obsessed, so the idea of using anti-aging products thrills me.

Like, I'm excited to get old so I can test more products!   

The only problem is, I find a lot of anti-aging products quite heavy.  They tend to make my reactive skin worse.  

I'm left with few options.  

Lorna is made up of eleven flowers and botanicals.  

They've been hand-picked by Allison for the superpowers they each possess and expertly combined to create the most effective and dynamic anti-aging beauty oil possible.  

Lorna is loaded with vitamins and nutrients - A + B + C to name a few - and is packed with essential fatty and amino acids.  This beauty oil stimulates collagen production - making it a fabulous anti-aging product.  

As far as oils go, it is light and fresh on the skin, and absorbs quickly. 

I've been using this product on the daily and even mixing it with various foundations and it has blended better than some competed, more well-known products.  

It combines with makeup bases beautifully.

carol has quickly become one of my favourite cleansers

i love carol


Carol doubles as an oil cleanser.  

I've never used a purifying oil cleanser that smells so good and behaves so gently. 

The castor and camelia oils work to penetrate deeply into the skin to remove impurities, while the macadamia oil plumps the skin.  The lavender oil heals, calms and acts as a natural disinfectant.  

Palma rose oil and mandarin oil balance and promote rejuvenation. 

What struck me is how specialized these beauty oils are.  

They smell absolutely divine.  

In fact, they are - hands down - the BEST smelling beauty oils I've ever come across.  

I've long been obsessed with the RMS Beauty Oil.  It always took the cake.  But I'm going to venture forth now and admit that Charlie and Co. has taken top prize in my book.  These oils are my absolute favourite when it comes to small-batch skincare and even rival more luxury-based skincare products and companies.


You're done such a wonderful job of developing high-performance products that really work.  

And they feel incredible to use.