My New Favourite Cleansing Balm

my nightly rituals

When I started, I wasn't exactly sure what direction it would take.

I knew it would be an inspirational blog of some sort.  I knew I would write about my life and my business.

And I knew there would be some component to beauty. 

Because frankly, beauty has been my entire life for a long time.  

I'm product obsessed for so many reasons, and as my brand identity has started to evolve over the last six months, I've decided to offer my perspective in the form of product suggestions and reviews. 

It's safe to say I am always researching various products - whether I am getting paid to do it or not - from marketshare and mergers to packaging trends and everything in between.  I don't just want to focus on what the product does to my skin or how it wears, because in my career I've come to understand that each product works completely differently on everyone's skin.  

I want to write about the business of beauty as well. 

When it comes to cleansers, my search is constant.  

There is just something about a good cleanser, isn't there...  Something special.

My cabinets are chalked full of purifying products that penetrate deeply to remove impurities and wash away a day's worth of makeup.  


These days, I'm on the hunt for something a little more refined.







REN Skincare had developed it's identity around three brand pillars.

Can I just say that I love the use of  illustrative graphics to easily streamline a brand’s story?


And FIY - REN is Swedish for clean.

I was surprised to learn that REN Skincare was established in the year 2000.  

It even just feels weird to say the year 2000 out loud because that feels so long ago!  

The deeper I move into researching clean beauty as both a movement and a larger topic of industry and commerce, the more I learn that there are relevant companies who've been pioneering this ideal for some time.

So where does REN Skincare fall on the clean spectrum today? 

You can read all about it for yourself here.

i would just like to say the following


For taking the time to work on the most balanced, professional and informational FAQ section I've ever seen from a makeup and skincare company. 

I also love their outlook and approach to the words organic and natural.

I am officially a fan. 

As far as evening cleansers go, the purity cleansing balm is the best I've ever tried.

I have dry, sensitive skin. 

Recently, I've noticed that alcohol is affecting my skin - and my body - in really negative ways too.  Actually, much more than the beauty products I use on a daily basis.

It's really too bad, because I love wine!

Finding a powerful and effective cleanser to remove my makeup that is also gentle on my skin has been somewhat of a challenge.  I love Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths when I am feeling lazy or on the go, but there are times - especially when I am shooting beauty editorials - where I just need more.

Infused with rose oil, chamomile and violet leaf extract, this cleanser protects your skin barrier against free radicals and other harsh skin irritants.  

I've really noticed a difference in how my skin feels when I used it.  

The product feels like a warm glove over the skin - beginning as a thick cream and turning into a lovely, rich lather when combined with water.

And as far as the packaging goes, I can see why REN decided to package this product in a pot, rather than in a pump jar.  When you first open the container, the consistency looks more like a body butter than a facial cleanser - which for someone with dry skin, is super exciting!

Finally, this product smells of roses.  Like, the freshest rose.  The best kind of rose.

Like a rose garden.


my evening beauty ritual

Pictured above is my current evening beauty ritual. 

I'm going to be reviewing each of these products in the coming weeks, because they are all so good and really deserve so much love.  

From the best lightweight summer moisturizer I've tried so far to the most incredibly pure argan oil with a cause to my new friend's positively spiritual hydrating myst. 

I'm really loving my job right now!

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What is your current evening beauty ritual?