Plume Science Lash Serum


For as long as I remember, the idea of long lashes has played an integral role in beauty.

Our lashes are a big deal, after all.

From the ever-present first experience with an eye lash curler - and how we all talk about it - to our constant and seemingly mad search for the perfect mascara, we’ve focused on our lashes for quite sometime.

As I was writing this article, I tried to think back to the first time I wore mascara, but I couldn’t remember it.


My first encounters with makeup weren’t motivated by the need to look pretty.

As a very serious punk rocker, I wanted to build darkness, and mascara definitely helped me do that.  It was one of my trusty tools, there to help me create and express drama, and I guess I never looked back.

Once I started using mascara, I couldn’t stop.  I just felt like my eyelashes looked small and meek without it. 

And just like that, the beauty industry captured my enthusiastic allegiance. 

I was hooked.


Plume Science is a true lovechild - born from a determined Canadian named Lauren Bilon.

After the birth of her first child, Lauren struggled with hormonal hair loss, and during that time, she tried virtually every hair-growth option on the market.  From pharmaceutical products and full strip lashes, she always felt as though she was doing more harm to her eyes than good.

I really believe that necessity is the catalyst to invention, so Lauren set to work on making her own serum.

I can intimately relate to this experience. 

For years, I’ve struggled with my very reactive and very sensitive skin.  I have also resolved myself to the act of cooking up alternative skincare products in the privacy of my own kitchen.  You just kind of come to a point where nothing else works. 

All of your conventional ideas about beauty get thrown out the window. 


It might be the best thing Lauren ever decided to do. 

Lauren’s expertise grew as time went on, and she recruited a renowned chemist to help her perfect the formula.  What started as an experimental lark has developed into not only a beautiful product that actually works, but also a really powerful beauty brand.  

And I’m about to tell you why... 


Some of you might feel slightly sensitive when it comes to what I’m about to say.

Because I know clean beauty is often a very serious topic. 

As a beauty professional - having worked in this industry for well over a decade - I really value working with brands who approach their business from a foundation of joy.  I know from having spoken with many of you that there is much to be frustrated about - and I get it - but something happens to brands when they embrace an overall sense of negativity in their message...  

Pardon my beauty pun, but it isn’t always pretty. 

What I admire so much about Plume Science is that despite the frustrations Lauren initially felt and despite the overwhelming pressure to solely narrate the problem, Lauren turned instead to providing a solution. 

Her energy is happy.

And we all know that happy energy is the best energy. 

She bubbles with joy when she tells her story.  She looks forward to spreading the word about her products.  From a business perspective, she’s got the golden ticket.  

She seems untouched by the pressures to fit in, no matter her niche. 

I love that despite developing a natural product - it’s completely safe and effective - Lauren still believes in real glamour.  And I don’t mean the naked, pared-down glamorous look that is so popular right now.

Lauren still wears strip lashes - and I LOVE that. 

It is important to remember that we impose our beauty standards - and pressures - everywhere, no matter the niche.  Even in clean beauty.  

As someone who knows what goes on in the background of a photo and what it takes to develop that perfectly clean look, I can see where things tend get so easily lost and out of control.  

You just have to resolve to be yourself.

For me, Lauren is a fearless beauty business owner who is being herself.

And she is truly passionate about her products.


As a creative, I strongly dislike before and after photos.


I just have this aversion to posting non-pretty pictures. 

I don’t actually care about whether people see my imperfections or get to know the “real” me.

As far as I'm concerned, this whole art/photo thing is a BIG part of the “real" me.

Instead of showing you the difference this lash serum makes, I decided to create images inspired by Plume Science and the founder herself, because I love feeling inspired by other people - especially other women in the beauty industry. 

What I can tell you is that this serum answered my ever pressing question... 

Is clean beauty quickly effective?

Because patience is not always present when it comes to hair loss. 

For many women, hair loss is a really big fucking deal.  It can be a true confidence killer.  Having worked behind the chair as a professional hairstylist and having owned my own salon, I can attest to the overwhelming anxiety hair loss caused some of my clients.  It can be really really heart breaking.

These kinds of concerns require speedy results.  

Once I started using the Plume Science lash serum, I noticed a difference within one week. 


I’m not a huge fan of long eye lashes.

I have tiny tiny eyes.  I suppose I’ll have to explain this in greater depth later on.  Suffice to say, most strip lashes don’t fit me and if my lashes are too long, they hit my brow bone and cause mascara transfer and it can be a big frustrating mess!

Instead, I focused on using this serum on my brows almost exclusively.

I cannot even describe to you how happy I was with the results.  

I now have to spend less time filling my eyebrows in - which is my desert island necessity by the way - and that means I get to save money on brow products.

Everybody wins!

If you’re struggling with hair loss, or looking to up the ante on your lashes and brows for the holiday season, this serum is a perfect choice.  It has literally zero downside.