The Trick To Second Day Hair - Your Routine Matters


or third or fourth for that matter

And by that I mean... You might even be able to go a whole week. 

It all comes down to day one.

How you prep your hair is just as important as your finished style.  It is also the difference between just okay and absolutely amazing second-day-hair.  


The secret to any long-lasting style is product.  Most girls don't use enough of it.  And the point is to layer! 



I recently admitted that I like to have two showers a day.  

I'm weird, I know. 

I don't necessarily always wash my hair when I'm in the shower, though.  As a general rule, I try to condition my hair way more than I wash it.  

When I do wash my hair, I always start the styling process with a light sea salt spray.  

I like using salt spray because not only does it create texture and fullness, it also dries the hair out a little bit.  Not to the point of damage - of course - but just enough that it creates grit.   

I concentrate the product at the roots for lift and volume, and then I run a wide-tooth comb through my hair to evenly distribute the product.  I recommend John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray.  It is super affordable and perfect for any hair type. 

You can let your hair air dry or blow-dry it upside down.  

The trick when you blow-dry your hair is to stay upside down until your hair is bone-dry.  

Like, really really dry.  

Don't allow any moisture to remain in your hair at all.  



There are so many amazing products on the market these days.  

Some of the best heat styling sprays now have curl memory built into them.  

For those of you who don't know, curl memory means that when your hair is subjected to uncontrollable forces like wind and gravity, it will bounce back into its original form.  

I like to use a curl enhancing spray in conjunction with my wand when I'm curling my hair. 

I almost always curl it on day one because my hair is really fine, and doing so allows me to layer product over and over again while I get ready - which helps create a lasting style.  

I recommend L'Oreal Pro Hollywood Waves Sweetheart Curls.  

It is a bi-serum spray with amazing curl memory.  You might barely feel like it's doing anything to your hair at all, but it has some of the best technology behind it and it is super high-performance. 

Once you've curled your hair, let the curls cool down in a very tight formation.  

The secret to lasting curls is in the cooling process.

Keep your curls as tight as possible while they cool down and then brush them out.  



A good dry spray is my gold standard for hairspray.  


This is why it's so difficult to find an all natural hairspray that really, really works.  

I've put several non-toxic hairsprays to the test and I'm still holding out.

Dry sprays use an aerosol delivery system to create a powder-like, super fine finish.  

This means you can layer the product over and over again without it looking or feeling too stiff.  

If you want to change your style at any point during the day, you can always run a brush through your hair and the hairspray won't leave any residue behind.  

I apologize in advance.  I am a hairspray addict.  

As a professional stylist, I believe it is the single most important product to styling hair because it is so versatile.  When it comes to my absolute favourite hairspray on earth, there is no contest.

I really love L'Oreal Pro Techni Art Air Fix 5.  


There are newer dry sprays on the market, and I do love Kevin Murphy's Hair DOO.OVER Spray.  I will warn you though, it has a very powerful smell. 

If you're sensitive to smells, I would opt out of using hairspray entirely.  



The final step is a little trick I learned while doing editorial work.

Gel tends to have a bad, old-timer reputation.  

But it does have its uses. 

I don't use it the way it was intended, per say.

After you have styled and worn your hair for the first day, apply some basic gel to the roots of your hair and throughout your ends right before bed.  

Then, sleep on it.  

In the morning when you wake up, spray a little water on your roots and quickly run a blow-dryer through it.  The water and heat from the blow-dryer will reactivate the hold of the gel to create volume and texture.  

The product you applied the previous day will also be reactivated - if you're using good product.

I recommend using L'Oreal Pro Hollywood Waves Siren Waves.  


If you have any questions and need some additional product recommendations, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I'll get back to you.  


I definitely have a relationship with L'Oreal Pro - but this is NOT a L'Oreal sponsored post.  I just really love their styling products and I am currently obsessed with the Hollywood Waves collection.