Easter Fab Nail Colours


I'm at it again with this stuff.

In all seriousness, I created these eggs for an easter-themed tablescape out of nail polish for another client - which will launch alongside some recipes this weekend.  I ended up creating an even better idea for the table, so these little art eggs were left to be recycled.  I love the finished look, and thought I'd feature them in a beauty post instead - especially when I started mixing the colours together.  

This is the perfect opportunity to show you some of my favourite nail polish brands and formulations. 

I'm not really into pastels this spring - as I'm sure you've already noticed. 

I'm super into bright colours and counter primary colours.


I'm also not super obsessed with my nails or nail art.  

I do a lot of hands-on physical work and often find myself breaking my nails when I'm working or just chipping them because I'm accident prone and kind of awkward.  As a hairstylist, I couldn't ever do my nails.  I'd have to take my wedding ring off just to work because I couldn't stand the hair product getting under my ring and leaving a residue etc etc etc.


I do love a good nail look on the weekends and when I photograph my beauty editorials. 

When my nails are done, they're either really long or really short. 

Absolutely no in-between!  

I'm weird like that.

I hope you all have a lovely easter weekend.  I'm going to be spending my time with family and getting some much-needed rest and time in the sun - hopefully it comes out to play!


A classic.  This nude isn't too warm or cool and looks great against my pale skin.  I've always loved the packaging of Essie products.

Colour - Sand Tropez


This is a great cleaner and affordable option.  The formula lasts longer than most other clean polishes I've tried.  

Colour - Pool Party


I've been using this formula for years, and I particularly love this colour.  It's bright and all you need is one coat for perfect coverage. 

Colour - Lady Luck


RMS recently launched an entire line of lacquers. This product is light and covers well.  Not only that, but the colours are uber feminine.

Colour - Sublime


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