A Flower Tale - My Sping Time Personalities

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Spring might just be the best season ever invented.  

The blooms adrift through a brisk air so clean and fresh, you can't help but embrace the outdoors. 

I always become obsessed with flowers in spring time.  

Every year.  It never fails. 

The arrival of spring florals evokes such a feeling of renewal for me, it's hard to resist. 

This year, I found myself on a big search for the perfect spring lipsticks and I haphazardly fell upon Milani Cosmetics while I was out grocery shopping with my husband.  

I'm a beauty junkie...  

Any opportunity to explore a new makeup line and I am game! 

I immediately loved the bold, impactful colours.  

These lipsticks are so rich and highly pigmented, it almost shocked me.  

They inspired me to design a spring editorial around my love of florals and the three lipsticks I bought on that random Sunday afternoon. 

pink frost lipstick

The gold packaging of these lipsticks is beautiful.  

For the price - these beauties retail for anywhere around six dollars - the identifying colour trim and sleek design is a step in the right direction for the mass industry. 

I loved this colour right away.

Intensely feminine, Pink Frost glides on smoothly and creates just the right amount of shine.  

The lasting power is amazing.  A definite cut above other lipsticks in the same price category.  I paired this lipstick with dark brown eyeliner from 100% Pure Cosmetics and Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara in Blackest Black. 

matte orchid lipstick

These lipsticks are definitely affordable, but they don't feel cheap.  

This bold, bright pink matte lipstick was one of the easiest I've applied in quite a while and I only needed one coat to achieve the kind lasting power I wanted. 

All of the products in the Milani Cosmetics line are richly scented, so if you are sensitive to perfumes in various products, I would stay away from them entirely.  However, I really liked and wholeheartedly welcomed the smell of vanilla as I wore this around the house, getting ready to shoot.  

It reminded me of a luxury makeup line.  

I paired this lipstick with warm gold metallic accents around the eyes and a few strokes on the brows as well.  I used Joe Fresh Blush Stick in Peach Dream on my cheeks and finished off with a little Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty - the best highlighter in the world. 

black cherry lipstick

It was hard to decide on my third and final lipstick purchase.  

There were just so many pretty colours in this line! 

I decided to go with a deep ruby hue because spring shouldn't mean putting away those intensely moody colours.  And I am really glad I bought this lipstick

It is gorgeous! 

It looks really, really dark in the tube but applies as a lovely wine colour, so don't be too intimated by this product.  It's just perfect.  

I finished off this look by adding more gold to my eyebrows with The Naked Smokey Palette by Urban Decay.  I then added a high gloss called Lip Lover by Lancome Cosmetics in 357. 

When I finally finished this editorial, I realized these three looks are my spring personalities.  My husband told me it kind of looked like a fairytale, so I decided to go with it.  


Allow space in your life for random things to inspire you.  

work on your sense of wonder

As difficult as it might be sometimes, I try to remove myself from my business and my social media accounts during the weekend.  It forces me to open up to things around me rather than always concentrating my efforts online.  

 I create space for new experiences, the opportunity to explore new places, and it always works to my benefit as a creative.

Three lipsticks on a random Sunday turned into a valuable creative experience for me. 

And that's the point.  Isn't it.  To keep creating.